What is the Cognitive Skills gradebook and how does it affect the final grade in classes?

The Cognitive Skills gradebook is where students cognitive skills grades are input, managed, and calculated. It includes individual assignment grades as well as averages across each cognitive skill. The cognitive skills gradebook allows teachers to see individual student and grade level performance on all cognitive skills. This gives teachers the opportunity to design intervention plans targeted  to a specific skill. 

How often are students regrouped in math? 

Students are regrouped in Math every 4-5 weeks, often in line with the mid-module and end of module tests. 

Where can I see my students Literacy Circle Grade? 

Check the cognitive skills gradebook and look for your students ID number. 

How are teachers trained to do Literacy Circles? 

Teachers are trained during Regional and Professional Development days during the month of August, weeks before school starts. They also receive ongoing Professional Development at least once a month on regional Data Days. 

How do Literacy Circles accommodate for students with special needs? 

Literacy Circles are unique in that teachers work within the Literacy Circle framework to choose articles, evidence mine, and practice discussion. Additionally, teachers have the autonomy to work on what their students need most, and make any needed adjustments to accommodate for students with special needs. 

How do you track how things are working? 

We are continuously collecting data on student and teacher performance. We use the data we have from the cognitive skills gradebook, Literacy Circles, and Math exit tickets and diagnostic tests to makeadjustments as needed. Our leadership team meets once a week to analyze this information and suggest next steps to ensure students have everything they need to perform at their best.