Community Involvement

greg han 2019.jpg

Guest Visitors and Speakers

Throughout the school year, each grade level explores five cross-curricular thematic units that touch on a range of disciplines, current issues and areas of interest. One feature of the units it that we invite professionals from any fields related to the unit to come speak to our students about how these issues can fuel careers and how people engage with them in the outside world. Above is a picture of Greg Han, from the Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston, speaking to our 6th graders about religious literacy at the start of their World Religions unit. Mr. Han later led them on field lessons to a local mosque, Buddhist temple and Jewish synagogue.


Local Partnership with HBU

Houston Baptist University is just a few miles northeast of KIPP Academy. Since 2017, HBU has hosted two groups of 7th grade students, has partnered with 5th grade teachers to set up pig organ dissection, and has donated equipment to allow us to execute advanced capstone science experiments. Thanks to this partnership, we are able to provide our students with rigorous, college aligned instructional experiences and expose them to the actual buildings and classrooms that they may be attending when it’s their time to finish climbing the mountain to college.


Family Events

A few times throughout the school year, we host events designed to bring together our families and strengthen relationships among staff, students, and parents. These events are always free in order to encourage participation and make sure that dollars don’t become obstacles. The sign above is from our Family Reunion, which capped off our celebration of Black History Month.