Awareness and Activism

Staff Training

KIPP Academy has partnered with Equity.How to execute carefully planned professional development sessions that help our staff members:

  • Recognize that racism is not just an individual affliction but a systemic institution that advantages white people (but still threatens everyone)  

  • Develop shared definitions and understandings to have more productive conversations and make the best decisions for students

  • Reflect on the ways that our society has led our staff and students to develop implicit or unconscious bias, prejudice, and stereotypes about people who look like our students

  • Identify the ways that we knowingly and unknowingly perpetuate oppressive systems

  • Identify the ways that we can, individually and collectively, work to dismantle oppressive systems that threaten all of our lives, families, and futures

5th graders dream now rally.JPG

Taking Action

KIPP Academy hosted a Dream NOW march and rally on June 2, 2018, and demanded that our state and federal pass legislation that would protect the basic rights of DREAMers and give them the pathway to citizenship that they deserve. Students from every grade level spoke at the rally, sharing their personal stories and reasons why our government must act now. We plan for this to be an annual event until DREAMers have the same rights as all other Americans in this country.


Internal Data Dives

We regularly look at our own student achievement and student discipline data to determine where we might inadvertently creating gaps or inequities in our school community. We then use staff meeting time to work in department and grade level teams to determine ways we can try to close these gaps.